Former contestant on ‘The Voice’ stops by for Music Monday

Koryn Hawthorne talks about her career after the show

Music Monday - Koryn Hawthorne on Live in the D
Music Monday - Koryn Hawthorne on Live in the D

Koryn Hawthorne is a two time Grammy Award-nominated Christian and gospel singer who rose to fame after finding success on The Voice. She auditioned in 2015, and ended up competing for Pharrell Williams' team.

She said the journey since then has been a ride. She was 16 when she auditioned on The Voice, and said that she is grateful she got to experience all of this at a young age. “I feel like I learn and grow every single day,” Hawthorne said.

Hawthorne also talked about keeping busy during quarantine. She said that it’s been quite a change for her since she’s usually on the road. Now, keeping up with her family as safely as possible and working on her relationship with God is how she says she keeps it together.

She also had some advice for future contestants on The Voice. “Please take this experience as a learning experience.” Hawthorne said that her time on the show was only the beginning of her story, and that it helped her get experience for life as a professional musician after she left. “Please suck in all the info you can because this is literally only the beginning,” she said.

Hawthorne sang “Speak to Me” from her latest album.

To hear her performance and more, check out the video above.