How is school really going?

Does 2020 mark the end of snow days?

What's the Buzz - Checking in on virtual schooling on Live in the D

As we all adjust to this “new normal” we were wondering... how is school really going? We’re now two months into the school year, and are catching up with local teachers and parents to see “What’s the Buzz?” Joining host Tati Amare on the panel are Vanessa Cohen, the founder of the Cohen Brand and a mother of 5, Kerry Doman, a mother of two and the Founder of, and Mark Sobeleski, a local teacher in the Ann Arbor area.

Kerry Doman, who has a child in pre-K, says her child is doing in-person classes outside. She really appreciates her school’s ability to pivot in these changing times and says her child really enjoys it. From the other perspective, Mark says switching things up has been a learning curve for him, but he is really grateful for his students’ good attendance and willingness to learn. Kids, he says, are excited for some interaction with their peers. Vanessa has three high school students, and two second graders and they are all learning virtually. Her high school students are responsible for themselves and keep their own schedules, her two second graders are another story. Vanessa says she must stay near them to keep them focused and on track, however, they are able to be more independent than she gave them credit for. Her seven-year-olds know what they are supposed to do when and have no issues with the technology.

With everyone going virtual, many people have been discussing: will this mean the end of snow days? Teacher Mark says it might, and he is not happy about it. Vanessa agrees, that classes will probably just go virtual when it snows too hard for kids to come in, but she warns that all this screen time might become another potential problem for students.

So, what do you think? How has school been going for you this year?

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