Fun crafts for an indoor Halloween celebration

Halloween 2020

Halloween Crafts for kids on Live in the D

You may be shying away from Trick-Or-Treating this year because of the pandemic but kids can still have lots of fun at home. Kerry Doman from Little Guide Detroit showed us some cool Halloween crafts that the whole family can enjoy.

Kerry suggested making pudding dirt cups as a treat for the kids. You can use Oreos as the mud and other candy, like gummy worms for a sweet, spooky dessert. She also suggested coloring Halloween masks for a personalized touch on your costume. If you’re still trying to decorate the house, it’s a good time to put those toilet paper and paper towel rolls to use. With construction paper and glue, the kids can wrap the rolls to make little monsters and witches to hang around the house or stack on top of the table.

Watch the video to see more Halloween craft ideas!

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