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Greg Russell reviews “The Kid Detective” and “The Queen’s Gambit”

Reel Talk - The Kid Detective & The Queen's Gambit
Reel Talk - The Kid Detective & The Queen's Gambit

This week on Reel Talk, movie reviewer Greg Russell took a look the film The Kid Detective, and the Netflix limited series The Queen’s Gambit.

Russell started with the R rated film, The Kid Detective. He said the film was very different from what he expected from the title, and that it’s definitely not the family friendly story it sounds like it could be. The story takes a more grown up look at a former child detective played by Adam Brody, as he lands the the biggest case of his life.

Brody said that a lot of the film’s comedy comes from the juxtaposition of innocence, humor, and a dark subject matter.

The film is a passion project for Brody, who says he’s always admired the work of screenwriter Evan Morgan. He said that they’ve been working on getting this particular screenplay made for 5 years. “To finally be on set was such a dream come true that I thought would almost never come,” Brody said.

Russell then talked with the cast of The Queen’s Gambit, a seven episode series now available on Netflix. The story follows Beth, a little girl who learns to play chess from the custodian at her orphanage. As she grows up, she becomes a chess master and enters in a tournament in a time when women weren’t expected to play.

Anya Taylor-Joy who plays Beth said one reason she liked the character was because she was so taken aback whenever someone underestimates her because of her gender. She said that happens because the character grew up somewhat removed from the rest of society. Taylor-Joy said, "[Beth] wasn’t given the same textbook, of ‘you’re a girl, this is what you’re allowed to want for yourself.'”

For Russell’s full reviews, check out the video above.