Laurence Fishburne is bringing dark mysteries to light in new show

Multi-talented actor hosts a new show that will highlight some of history’s most interesting mysteries

He has starred in countless movies and appeared on several T.V. shows. Now Laurence Fishburne is engaged in some real-life mystery in the new show he is a part of on The History Channel called “History’s Greatest Mysteries”. Fishburne spoke to Jason Carr about the new show and his own history as a successful actor.

Fishburne said the show digs deeper into cases that have captivated and intrigued history buffs, like himself, and cases that little is known about. He also shared how honored and blessed he has been to star in benchmark movies such as “The Color Purple”, “Boyz 'n the Hood” and “The Matrix”.

Watch the video above to hear more from Laurence Fishburne and his new show.