Capture your pet’s personality in a hand-painted portrait

This local artist turns your pet into a work of art

Detroit Pet Portraits on Live in the D

Alice Schneider from Detroit Pet Portraits can turn your furry friend into a regal sea captain, an English game hunter, or even a Muppet in her colorful works of art. The local artist started her business two years ago when she made a painting for a friend, and has been commissioning personalized pet portraits ever since.

Schneider said that she went to art school but never really did oil paintings. That all changed after painting her friend’s dog, Dudley, and she found a new love for it. After people saw her work, she ended up getting more requests. Eventually, she was able to turn Detroit Pet Portraits into a full time job.

She said that she works with owners to come up with a concept for each animal. Schneider’s most recent commission had her turn a dog into RuPaul, and a cat into a Devil. She says owners are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild. She encourages anyone who is interested to check out the gallery on her website for inspiration.

Schneider said she loves the work she does, and enjoys making fun painting concepts. She also talked about how satisfying the process of painting actually is. “It’s very satisfying to take a tiny little paintbrush and sit there for hours and paint each individual fur,” Schneider said. “I know its not for everyone but I dig it.”

Her pieces come in varying sizes and can feature multiple pets, but individual portraits can start at around $500. She also encourages owners to be patient, as oil paintings take time to dry.

For more information on how to commission Detroit Pet Portraits, watch the video above.