Get in the holiday spirit with this local music group

Young Men For Christ puts a gospel spin on holiday classics

Music Monday - Young Men for Christ on Live in the D

The local music group Young Men for Christ is getting into the holiday spirit this year with covers of some iconic Christmas tunes. Tati got the chance to chat with the leader of the group, Franklin Lance McGee, about what kind of music they’ve been working on during the pandemic.

McGee describes the group’s musical style as a traditional quartet gospel group. He says they go for a very authentic sound.

Young Men For Christ’s latest project, “Elevation”, was released this year in September. He says that the album takes the group in a new direction, trying out styles that are closer to the roots of gospel quartet music.

The group was fortunate enough to be able to work together over quarantine and said that they took advantage of the break from normal life to work on creating. McGee said that the break allowed them to blend all of the group members’ ideas together for their latest album. They also switched to virtual performances like many other bands during the pandemic and say that you can look forward to more audience engagement and creative performances in 2021.

For their Music Monday performance, the group performed a Christmas song blend that McGee said has a “churchy” feel to it.

To watch the performance and more, watch the video above.