Fun movies for New Years

Reel Talk with Greg Russell

Reel Talk New Years Eve classics on Live in the D

You likely have a long 3-day weekend coming up and it’s the perfect time to relax and zone out with a good movie.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell gave us some fun movie suggestions.

If you’re looking for a Rom-Com, Greg suggested “When Harry met Sally.” The two characters meet each other while traveling cross-country then later become friends, date, and break up a couple of times. Then they reunite their love at a New Year’s Eve party.

If you want to kick back and laugh watch “Trading Places”. Greg explained that this is a classic comedy with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd who trade lives and go up against the Duke brothers. It all comes to a head at the stock exchange on New Year’s Eve.

“The Apartment” stars Jack Lemon, Greg’s favorite actor. Jack is the single guy who has an apartment, but all the married guys he works with want to use his apartment to have a party. Then his old lover ends up at his apartment and they find out they were meant for each other.

If you’re more of an action movie buff, “Entrapment” may be great for you. The movie is about a high-end thief and an law enforcement agent who team up to pull of a huge heist on New Year’s Eve. The movie is now 21 years old!

Watch the video to see what else Greg recommends you watch for New Years!

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