Stars of the new NBC sitcom “Mr. Mayor” stop by Live In The D

Ted Danson’s character stumbles into the world of politics in brand new show

Ted Danson and Holly Hunter star in Mr. Mayor on Live in the D

Mr. Mayor, a new show scheduled to premiere on NBC tomorrow, Jan. 7, pairs two award-winning actors with an all-star writing team. Ted Danson and Holly Hunter step into the roles of the newly elected Mayor of Los Angeles and his politically-adept deputy.

The show follows Neil Bremer, a retired business man who runs for mayor to prove he’s “still got it.” When he’s elected, he learns he has to actually take on the responsibilities of running the country’s second largest city, along with dealing with his rebellious teenage daughter.

Holly Hunter talked about how the show’s premise was timely, but that it’s not just about politics. “It’s so fresh,” Hunter said. “It’s about personal relationships, power, and family dynamics.”

The show’s stars also talked about how a series is only as good as it’s writers, and that the talented Tina Fey and Robert Carlock made Mr. Mayor a show worth working on.

“Our business is to try and live up to the words and writing of Tina Fey and Robert Carlock,” said Danson.

When asked how he knows a series is going to be a hit, Danson gave his advice on how he picks the projects he wants to work on: “Find the most creative people in the room and then ask very nicely if you can be a part of whatever they’re going to do.”

For more about where you can watch the premiere of Mr. Mayor, watch the video above.