Fashion trends to be looking out for in 2021

What’s in and what’s out for the new year

2021 incoming fashion trends on Live in the D

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan is back with a look at what style trends we need to be breaking out of the closet this year, and what it’s time to hang up.

Jordan says the big color to incorporate into your wardrobe this year is yellow, especially when paired with earth tones like camel. Yellow is a bold color, but combining it with a neutral color can help tone it down and make it easier to style. And, if you’re someone who already loves yellow, this gives you a great chance to fit even more into your wardrobe.

Just because styles are changing doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy all new outfits. Re-imagine old pieces like classic blue accessories, which Jordan says is back this year. Another old trend you can break out of the closet are knee-high white boots, which give you a stylish retro look.

Men’s fashion is also taking inspiration from the past with fashion ideas from the 1970′s. Jordan says you don’t have to look like you shopped at a vintage store, just take inspiration from the shapes and styles of the time. He says that lapels and pants are getting wider, so look for clothes that follow that trend.

Another iconic fashion era making a comeback are 1980′s over sized blazers. These can be a great way to make your skinny jeans look more relevant since combining them with an over sized top can create a nice juxtaposition of proportions.

There are a few things that Jordan recommends hanging up for the season, including leopard print and logos. He says fashion is moving away from the animal prints and over sized advertisements, and you should too. Two other victims of 2021 fashion scene? Big clunky sneakers and ripped jeans.

For more fashion advice from Jon Jordan, watch the video above.