Award-winning actresses shine on the screens this weekend

Reel Talk highlights two new movies coming out this weekend, “Fatale” and “Pieces of a Woman”

Reel Talk - Fatale and Pieces of a Woman on Live in the D

It’s a new year so why not check out a new movie as well? Movie Reviewer Greg Russell joined Kim DeGiulio for Reel Talk to discuss “Fatale” and “Pieces of a Woman”, starring two multi-award-winning actresses. Greg spoke to Hilary Swank and Michael Ealy about their new film, “Fatale”, which is in theaters and streaming on demand. The movie is about how a woman seeks revenge on a former lover, and how it potentially becomes deadly. Greg gave the movie a solid three out of five reels.

Next, Greg spoke to the stars of “Pieces of a Woman”, streaming on Netflix and starring Detroit-born actress Ellen Burstyn, Shia LeBouf, and Vanessa Kirby. The movie is about the journey a couple goes through after they lose their infant during a home birth. Greg said the movie is very well acted and is emotional, and that the viewer should prepare to feel what the characters are going through. Greg gave the movie four out of five reels.

Watch the video about to see the interviews with Hilary Swank and Ellen Burstyn.

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