Anyone else trying to get in better shape this year? This is the program you need in your life

Check out this ‘New Year, New You’ contest -- no need for a crazy diet or exercise regimen

Did any of you set a New Year’s resolution around the idea of weight loss, or improving your nutrition? It’s a common goal -- to tone up or kick some of those holiday pounds, come January.

Here’s why we ask: On Monday, “Live in the D” kicked off the “New Year, New You” contest.

To help start the year off right, five “Live in the D” viewers will have the chance to win $500 in cash.

There’s also a nutritional program from Dr. Keith Guthrie -- who wants to help people lose weight fast and easily in 2021 -- that helps to change the boy’s chemistry to keep you healthy, he said.

The program focuses on the 3 Ps: Physical, physiology and psychological. It’s sustainable because it’s a lifestyle change, and it helps you take away the emotional connection to food.

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