New year, new hobby?

It’s National Hobby Month!

What's the Buzz - Celebrating Hobbies on Live in the D

January is the start of the year and for many people it is the start of something new. So why not try a new hobby? It is actually National Hobby Month and joining host Jason Carr to talk about it are Jason Hall from RiDetroit, Movie Reviewer Greg Russell, and AJ Williams, The Michigan Chronicle Managing Editor and the Blogger In Chief of

First off, do you have a hobby? For Greg Russell, his hobby is collecting autographs and, as someone who interviews celebrities for a living, he has collected many over the years. In particular, he loves collecting Beatles memorabilia. Jason Hall’s obvious hobby is the e-bike, but what you might not know is that he collects sneakers. AJ loves to get in touch with her creative side and paints in her free time.

Is there a hobby you wish you had? AJ started the group off by saying she wanted to learn the piano, and she was not alone. Everyone else agreed saying that was a skill they wanted to learn as well.

Is there a hobby that you had, but later gave up? For Jason Carr, it was collecting “Blues Brothers” material. He used to collect anything he could find, but when they started mass-producing it, he no longer was interested. For Greg, it was model cars. He used to build them as a kid, but the older he got the more difficult they were to build. Jason Hall wishes he would have stuck with skateboarding. He did it as a kid, but gave it up when his mom told him he would never make money doing it. AJ used to be really into working out, but now, not so much. She wishes she could get back into it.

So what do you think? For the full conversation, watch the video above.

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