New year, new room? See how you can give your home a refreshed look

Ranging from small and simple to a complete makeover, Gardner White will show you

New look for a New Year with Gardner White on Live in the D

Many of us are spending most of our days in the comforts of our home, but what do you do if you start to grow a little tired of the view?

A “Live in the D” sponsor, Gardner White, has provided some ways you can update your home decor -- and it doesn’t have to be a major purchase to make a difference.

Kris Edel, director of Design Services for Gardener White, joined Tati Amare to discuss some of the options shoppers have that will make for the perfect updates.

From new pillows to artwork, Edel said, the smallest change can make a huge impact on your home.

Plus, Edel spoke about the special events going on at their locations, including a blood drive.

To find the Gardner White location nearest to you and to see all the stores have to offer to refresh your home, visit

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