Upgrade your store-bought cake with The Icing Artist

This YouTube star can teach you to make your $20 cake look like $500.

The Icing Artist on Live in the D

During you’re time at home, you may have gone to the internet to get a great quarantine baking recipe, whether it was for banana bread, chocolate chip cookies or sourdough bread. Tati Amare however discovered a different kind of baking on YouTube.

She became one of the six million followers of The Icing Artist. The Icing Artist is different in that she takes store-bought baked goods, like a basic sheet cake, and transforms them into beautiful masterpieces. Her name is actually Laurie Shannon. She was a former cabinet maker who taught herself how to turn a $20 dollar cake into a $500 dollar masterpiece. She joined Tati Amare live to talk about her journey and share her tricks of the trade.

Watch the video above to see one of her finished masterpieces.

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