3 Dates you don’t need to leave your house for

You can still celebrate your romance even if you’re stuck at home

Let’s face it, there are only so many times you can order a movie online, make a bag of popcorn, and call it “date night.” So I’ve found three fun, different ways for you to connect with your sweetheart, and maybe learn something new about each other, all without leaving your home.

1) Painting with a Twist

The Ferndale location is offering everything you need to make a masterpiece at home. When you visit their website you can choose to do a live virtual event, or pick a pre-recorded tutorial so you can work on your own time. Choose the picture you want to create, order it, and pick up the supplies from the store. Kits cost around $35 and include a canvas, paints, paintbrushes, paper plate, cup, a disposable apron, and the instructions. You can purchase an easel for an extra charge. Then all you have to do is watch the video and get to painting!

This is a great date whether you both live in the same home, or are sheltering separately, and afterward, you’re left with a beautiful memento.

2) Cooking with Cocktails

The next idea is to cook up a delicious meal while enjoying some adult beverages, it’s Cooking with Cocktails! So, I actually first did this with Kila and Jason for a story we were working on and we had a blast! Classes run around $30 and include an ingredient list as well as a zoom invite for the class with a professional chef. Some classes even come with the meal kit for an extra charge. One thing I love about this is the classes have themes, some specialize in a certain diet, while others are all about dessert. You can do this all in separate spaces, like the Live In The D team did, or in the same home. Now I love to cook, but this class is good for everyone from beginners to experts. There’s always something new to learn no matter your level of experience. Perhaps the best part is trying it at the end!

3) Travel, virtually!

My final idea is to travel virtually! I don’t know about you, but I really miss traveling. Luckily, you can actually do lots of tours of places online! Want to see the ceiling of the Sistine chapel? The Vatican has a virtual tour! Want to see the Great Wall of China? Well, that’s online as well!

Google Earth has a ton of interesting places to tour and is a great place to get started. I think this makes a great “getting to know you” date. You can share all the places you want to go, as well as all the cool places you have already been, safely over video chat.

So there you have it, 3 great dates you don’t need to leave your house for!

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