The mission to help the Motor City’s most vulnerable population

Mitch Albom checks in with Motor City Mitten Mission for Heart of Detroit

Heart of Detroit - Motor City Mitten Mission on Live in the D

For today’s “Heart of Detroit” series, Mitch Albom showcased Motor City Mitten Mission. He first visited the charity two years ago when they were primarily focused on providing mats and pillows to our city’s homeless population. These items were created by upcycling plastic bags.

Since then, the organization has grown. They work with more than 300 schools and church organizations to provide mats and pillows and other necessities to our city’s homeless population. On top of that, Motor City Mitten Mission is now helping unsheltered people transition into housing. Gail Marlow, the organization’s founder, spoke to Tati Amare about how the organization has grown and how people can get involved

Motor City Mitten Mission is different than other organizations of its kind because it provides outreach seven days a week. They are always on the search to help as many people as they can, especially considering the pandemic. The challenges for Detroit’s homeless population have changed and Motor City Mission is trying to meet them. The organization provides means for COVID testing, and resources to shelters and communication devices. It is because of their tireless outreach efforts, that Motor City Mitten Mission is constantly in need for volunteer drivers as well as financial support.

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