Romance shines bright at these concerts by candlelight

Classical By Candlelight is the new way to enjoy live music in a romantic, socially-distant way

After Hours - Classical by Candlelight on Live in the D

If you are missing the excitement of going out to a concert and hearing live music somewhere that is not in your home, there is now a way to experience it. Classical By Candlelight is a small concert, with masked performers, where music ranging from Bach to Miles Davis fills the room. Currently the Masonic Temple in Detroit hosts the intimate concerts in the beautiful Crystal Ballroom. Seating is spaced out and the dimly lit room is illuminated by hundreds of battery-operated candles. The concerts were brought here by the company, Fever Up, and the concept began in historic churches in Spain. Now you can enjoy the wonder of live music, in a romantic setting, during a night out after hours.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Classical By Candlelight concerts.

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