See how a trip to the Motown Museum inspired friends to brew a business

The Black Coffee Company not only offers sustainable coffee, but help others learn about business and investments

The Black Coffee Company on Live in the D

One trip to the Motown Museum got a group of childhood friends thinking of a master plan to create a business. After many meetings, and cups of coffee, the team came up with The Black Coffee Company. Co-founders of the company joined Tati Amare to explain how the fateful trip to Barry Gordy’s house of music led them to opening their own business, and how they work with other entrepreneurs and their companies. Not only does The Black Coffee Company sell sustainable coffee and teas, it also offers helpful business lessons and encouragement to other up-and-coming business owners who are looking for ways to follow their passions.

Watch the video above to learn more about The Black Coffee Company and how the trip to the Motown Museum inspired the founders.