This is your chance to catch rare sightings of winter wildlife in Michigan

The Michigan Wildlife Council shares how you can see Michigan’s beautiful wildlife up close

Michigan Wildlife Council winter wildlife on Live in the D

It’s been a snowy month of February, creating beautiful sites across the state of Michigan.

Along with the pretty sights, the weather also allows winter wildlife to enjoy their natural settings.

Hannah Schauer, with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), joined Jason Carr on “Live in the D” to discuss what kinds of wildlife can be seen this time of year, and how you can help them throughout the rest of winter.

Schauer said some of the most amazing animals that normally live north of our area venture down to our state during the winter months. One of those is the snowy owl, which doesn’t always come for a visit, but is often seen soaring through our skies hunting for prey.

The DNR also continues to work during the winter to preserve habitats for our wildlife. Earlier this month, they plowed through snow to remove woody vegetation so that new plants can grow and give a space for the endangered Karner blue butterfly to lay eggs.

Watch the video above to hear how you can help birds that are here for our Michigan winter.

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