Here’s how you can skip the exercise and still lose weight, doctor says

Put down the dumbbells, pick up some whole foods

Ideal You Health Center on Live in the D

Getting outside or to the gym to exercise has been challenging for many amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

If working out is important because you’d like to lose weight, one doctor says you can skip the gym and still be successful in shedding pounds.

If it sound too good to be true, it’s not, according to the experts at Ideal You Health Center.

“Live in the D” host Jason Carr spoke with Dr. Geri Williams, who said if you want to lose weight, it’s 80% to 90% about the type of food you put in your body.

She added that exercise is very beneficial when it comes to health, but it isn’t the main driving factor in weight loss. While exercise does increase the calories you burn, the type of calories, and how many calories you consume, are more important when it comes to dropping pounds.

What does an effective diet for losing weight look like? Williams said it is a bit about portion control, but it is more largely about what you eat.

You should be eating whole foods so you can get the nutrition you need while cutting all the extras. The Ideal You program focuses on balancing your blood sugar and using non-processed, real foods, so your body will start to eat away at the fat, instead of storing more of it.

All of the food they recommend can be found at local grocery stores.

So what makes Ideal You more effective than just dieting on your own? William said Ideal You is more effective than just dieting on your own because of its coaching.

Nutrition can be very complicated, and having someone help walk you through what you should eat, how much, and when, takes out all of the guesswork, she said. Coaches will touch base with clients every day, to help keep you on track.

Williams said people who work with the Ideal You program can lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days. Furthermore, most of her clients see results in the first week.

To hear the full interview and to see what kind of freebies Ideal You is offering right now, watch the video above.

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