This local hot sauce company is getting noticed by top celebrities

Can Jason and Tati stand the heat?

Hell Fire Detroit on Live in the D
Hell Fire Detroit on Live in the D

Looking to turn up the heat on your cooking? Hosts Jason Carr and Tati Amare got the chance to chat with Don Button, the founder of Hell Fire Detroit, a Royal Oak based hot sauce company, that has a hot sauce for every taste.

Two of Hell Fire Detroit’s sauces got the chance to be featured on Hot Ones, an online show where celebrity guests try out a series of increasingly spicy hot wings while answering questions. Hell Fire Detroit had sauces on seasons 9 and 13, which hosted celebs like Halle Berry, Idris Elba, Daniel Radcliffe and more.

Button said Hot Ones first reached out through Heatonist, a specialty store in Brooklyn, New York that carries 100 small-batch hot sauces from around the country. They were already carrying Hell Fire Detroit sauces, but suddenly reached out for an extra 12,000 bottles. “We asked why, and they told us they were considering us for Hot Ones,” Button said.

He said the secret to Hell Fire Detroit’s flavor is keeping it simple, and focusing on the pepper. They fire roast the peppers, which he says adds a smokiness and natural sweetness you can’t get otherwise. Next they keep it simple by adding a little apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and water. He says because they don’t use any synthetic heat products, each batch will turn out slightly different based on the flavors of the natural ingredients.

The second line of Hell Fire Detroit products is the boozy series, which introduces bourbon, beer, and Cabernet to the mix.

Hell Fire Detroit sells their sauces direct from their website, or you can find them at local stores across Michigan.

To see which sauces the Live in the D hosts tried out, watch the video above.