These three stars have new films coming out this weekend

Reviewing “Cherry”, “The Father”, and “Yes Day”

Reel Talk - Cherry, The Father, and Yes Day on Live in the D

Movie reviewer Greg Russell stopped by Live In The D again to catch Jason up on all the biggest films coming out this weekend. Stars Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Holland, and Jenifer Garner are all returning to screens with brand new movies.

Greg started off with Cherry, a film about a guy who loses a sense of direction in his life. He returns home from the military with no plan, and falls in with the wrong group of people.

Tom Holland plays the lead character in the film, and sat down with Russell to talk about the role. “I think it’s safe to say his friends are slightly dysfunctional as a group of people,” Holland joked. He also said that the film feels so authentic because some characters take inspiration from the lives of the directors, Joe and Anthony Russo.

Next, Russell moved on to Anthony Hopkin’s new film, The Father. His character suffers from dementia, going through a deeply personal experience of how the disease can change a family. His daughter, played by Olivia Coleman, learns how to support him through it.

Jenifer Garner stars in the last (and most lighthearted) movie on Russell’s list, Yes Day. The concept is simple but fun; two parents have a “yes day” with their kids, where their kids decide what to do, and the parents can’t say no.

For clips from the films and to see how many reels Russell gave out, watch the video above.