Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home -- try it on your body

Even starting small can make a big difference

Better Health Market on Live in the D

Now that everyone is working on spring cleaning their homes, it might be time to start thinking about spring cleaning your body.

Jon Handelsman, co-owner of Better Health Market and Cafe, stopped by “Live in the D” to show how they can help you start fresh this spring.

One of the best ways to start fresh is by doing a juice cleanse.

Handelsman said there are great ways to start small if you’ve never done one before. Even just switching out your morning coffee for a morning juice can help get you your daily dose of fruits and veggies to help start your day.

If you’re ready, you can take it into a detox, which is multiple days of doing nothing but drinking juices.

Handelsman said some reasons to do a detox include losing weight, mental clarity, focus, or even because it just tastes good.

“Your body loves it and it thanks you for it,” Handelsman said.

Different flavors are great for different times of day. Handelsman said he likes to start off the day with something like the company’s kickstarter flavor, and added that something with lemon or cucumber goes great as a lunch.

Juices can be purchased individually or through a cleanse pack, which includes three days worth of juices.

In addition to raw, pressed juices, Better Health offers vitamins, supplements and organic foods.

To find out more about how you can find a Better Health Market near you, watch the video above.