Up your social media game while staying on task with this Boss Lady

Stay focused on your most important tasks of the day

Boss Lady - Erin on Demand on Live in the D

For Women’s History Month Live in the D has been highlighting Boss Ladies who are breaking the glass ceiling and supporting others as they climb to the top.

Today’s ‘Boss Lady’ is in the business of helping your business grow and sustain a brand and social media presence.

Tati Amare spoke to Erin White also known as “Erin on Demand” about how she created her powerhouse brand and continues to inspire small business entrepreneurs in the D.

Erin on Demand is all about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She uses Youtube to teach others how to grow their followers on social media and use video storytelling.

She also has a method that could help you accomplish your goals all year long. She uses her “Top 3 Method” which involves writing your top 3 tasks of the day. This will help you stay on task and end your day knowing you crossed the important things of your list.

To learn more about Erin on Demand, watch the video above.

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