Is it ok to pull April Fools’ Day pranks?

What’s the Buzz talks about being a prankster or prank target

What's the Buzz - April Fools pranks on Live in the D

It’s April Fools’ Day and that can mean a day of people “pulling a fast one” on you or on your friends. Can they go too far? Is it ok to pull a prank on kids? Our What’s The Buzz panel discussed April Fools’ Day pranks with Kim DeGiulio. Comedian Mike Bonner, magician Jasen Magic, and author/motivational speaker Mimi Brown, talked about past pranks they pulled or that were pulled on them, and when it’s ok and not.

The three panelists agreed that April Fools jokes are fine, as long as they aren’t mean or malicious.

Watch the video above to hear the What’s the Buzz panelists’ favorite April Fool’s Day prank.