Get lost in this world record setting maze

How one local artist won a Guinness World Record with her intricate art

Artist of the world's longest maze on Live in the D

Folks have been getting into crossword puzzles, jigsaw, and more to chase away the quarantine blues, so why not pick up a maze next?

Local artist Michelle Boggess-Nunley first got into the niche art form of maze-making after COVID halted traffic at her small business. She runs On the Go Studio, and normally provides art classes for kids and seniors. “Instead of sitting around waiting for things to get back to normal, I thought why not create the world’s largest hand drawn maze,” she said.

She says she created the maze to help raise funding for Living Arts Detroit, a local organization that provides youth art programs for kids in the city. Sponsors could support a one square foot section of the maze, and request a doodle for her to include in their section.

The maze took three and a half months to make, and was drawn entirely in a local public gallery. At the official Guinness measurement, it measured 1097.1 sq. ft, and included over 300 names and doodles.

Boggess-Nunley says now she’s continuing to provide art classes, and making her Wizard World maze books, which follow a whimsical fantasy story line through the mazes. You’ll also soon be able to see her work in an L.A. game show, though she couldn’t share much about it quite yet.

For more information on where you can find her books and see how she made the world’s largest hand drawn maze, watch the video above.