It’s a monster of a weekend to watch movies!

Big stars, human and monster alike, have movies out that will surely keep you entertained

Reel Talk - Godzilla vs. Kong and French Exit
Reel Talk - Godzilla vs. Kong and French Exit

Will historic monsters bring back the feeling of a big summer blockbuster this weekend? Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Jason Carr to discuss the highly anticipated movie, Godzilla vs. Kong. The movie stars Alexander Skarsgaard and Millie Bobbie Brown from Netflix’s Stranger Things. The story follows King Kong’s journey to find his real home, but he gets sidetracked when he comes up against another well-known monster, Godzilla. Greg gave this movie four out of five reels.

Next, Greg discussed The French Exit, starring Michelle Pfeiffer. It is a drama-comedy that highlights a widowed socialite who travels to France with her son and her cat after learning she will not be as rich as she planned to be. Greg gave the movie three out of five reels.

Watch the video above to hear more about Godzilla vs. Kong and The French Exit.