Are you planning your own “revenge travel” plans?

What’s the Buzz dreams big for vacations post-COVID

What's the Buzz -Traveling again on Live in the D

You may not be the only one dreaming up your next big vacation after COVID. Industry insiders say there will be a huge boom in spending for vacations, in a trend they call “revenge travel.” Tati called on friends of the show Lauren Crocker, Jason Hall, and AJ Williams to find out what their next big travel plans will be.

Williams says her first trip after COVID will be to Bali. It was the trip she was planning before the pandemic, and she needs it now more than ever. “I want people to treat me like royalty,” Williams said.

Crocker said that going somewhere warm was good, but that the most important thing will be having friends around. “Normally I travel to get away, but now it’s like I want to bring everybody.” Crocker also said she and Tati should go out looking for Regé-Jean Page on their next trip.

Hall said he’s less interested in looking for Regé-Jean Page, but that he’d love a laid-back trip to somewhere nice like Costa Rica. He said he’s not quite ready for a return to regular travel, but a more low-key trip would be worth it.

The next big question was what to spend on. Williams and Crocker said that they’ll be spending big on amenities to help feel like royalty, while Hall says the destination is the most important part of the cost.

Tati then wanted to know if it’s better to plan one big trip, or try and fit in a bunch of mini-vacations. AJ says she’s done multiple destinations before, and it can be a lot of work.

Hall said he’s definitely planning on island hopping. He said he wants to see new things when he travels. Crocker agreed, saying that she’d do an island a weekend if she was able to.

To hear the full conversation, watch the video above.