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Hazel, Ravines & Downtown brings authentic East Coast flavors to the D

Take-Out Tuesday - Hazel, Ravines, & Downtown on Live in the D

Birmingham restaurant Hazel, Ravines, & Downtown (HRD) has become known for bringing unique seafood flavors to the D. They are living up to the reputation again this year with an all-new East Coast crab shack concept. They are featuring a whole new menu based on Blue Crab from Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Blue crab is a small crab that you normally cannot enjoy fresh unless you live near the coast. Co-owner and Executive Chef Emmele Herrold says this crab has a mighty, delicious flavor that tastes unlike any crab you have enjoyed in the past. She joined Jason Carr live from her restaurant to show off Hazel’s new crab shack menu which you can take out and bring home for your entire family to eat.

The restaurant’s new “Hazel At the Eastern Shore” menu features an East Coast style crab sandwich, a cream of crab soup and imperial flounder stuffed crab. There is also a brand-new dessert item too. For those who have shellfish allergies, HRD still has their regular menu items, which include seafood and non seafood items, like their chicken sandwich. You can also try Jason’s favorite, the lobster bisque.

See the new menu items in the video below.

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