These Belgian treats make a sweet Mother’s Day gift

Crumbs and Craft Bakery serves up authentic cakes, waffles, and more

Crumbs & Craft Bakery on Live in the D

When Crumbs and Craft Bakery owner Inge Bruneel first moved to Michigan from her home country of Belgium, she said she had trouble finding bakeries like they had back home.

Bruneel decided to fill that gap and started baking for herself, bringing her authentic recipes to her new home. “I basically just decided to be my own bakery,” she said.

Luckily, she comes from a pastry background, and was able to replicate the cakes, breads, and other sweets she missed from Belgium.

After a year of baking for herself she decided to start her own business and Crumbs and Craft Bakery was born.

This mother’s day, Bruneel is offering something special. She showed off one of her specialty cakes, which featured a beautiful buttercream floral painting. Not only do the cakes look nice, but they taste good too. This one was made of almond cake with apricot jam and strawberry frosting.

She said, “If you want to give mom both flowers and a cake for mother’s day, this is it.”

Another treat that Bruneel describes as being “so typical Belgium” are the chocolate kisses. These are made with a shortbread cookie topped with marshmallow, and dipped in Belgian milk chocolate.

Located in South Lyon, Crumbs and Craft is a home-based bakery, so be to place your orders up front. To find out more on where you can find Crumbs and Craft, watch the video above.