It’s not just dogs and cats. All types of animals are available for adoption -- even roosters.

You can find your next family friend at Michigan Humane

Pets Michigan Humane Roosters and Chickens on Live in the D

If a dog or a cat just isn’t your style, what about a rooster?

There are all types of animals available for adoption at Michigan Humane.

Anna Chrisman from Michigan Humane talked about how to adopt and care for a new exotic pet.

Chrisman explained that when it comes to adopting a rooster, duck or any other unique animal, you have to check your city ordinances to make sure they are allowed.

It’s also important to have the best housing for your pet. Michigan Humane has adoption counselors and wildlife technicians that can help you through the process.

Chrisman also featured a rooster named Maui, who is up for adoption at Michigan Humane.

Maui is more of an outdoor pet, and will need lots of room to run, Chrisman said.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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