Considering a new career? Why truck driving might be the perfect fit for you

No prior experience required

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The past year has been filled with new experiences, shortages of items at stores, slower delivery of items online, and just plain uncertainty.

That uncertainty has extended into finding a good-paying job, as well. One solution is hiring more people in the truck driving industry.

“Live in the D” host Jason Carr chatted with Tyler LaBarge, President of U.S. Truck Driver Training School, to learn more about the hiring process in the industry.

When it comes to truck driving, there are different classes of training you can get: Truck, tractor, flatbed, and bus training -- all of which are different classifications of classes available at U.S. Truck Driver Training.

According to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, the entry level earning is more than $47,000 annually, but right now, some partners are offering up to $70,000.

Some training programs require you to have certification before entering, but U.S. Truck Driver Training School will take you with no experience, and will prepare you for your state licensing exam.

After you begin in the career, you can also go into different parts of the industry, such as driver recruiting, driver management, and more.

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