Satisfy your nostalgic childhood sweet tooth

Take a trip back to a sweet time at Sugar Lu’s

Sugar Lu's on Live in the D

Remember the candy you loved as a kid? One taste of it can whisk you back to your childhood and now there is a tiny candy shop in the D that can satisfy any sweet tooth for all ages.

Host Jason Carr chatted with Hannah Gayden, Manager of Sugar Lu’s in Northville to learn more.

Sugar Lu’s is a classic nostalgic candy store. You can get Bottle Caps, Charleston Chew, Marathon candy bars, Pop Rocks, and more. They also carry novelty items like the classic Nehi fruit-flavored soda and Bob Ross energy drinks. For those who have special dietary needs, Sugar Lu’s offers vegan and sugar-free candies.

On Saturdays, you can grab some freshly made cotton candy on a stick right in front of Sugar Lu’s store.

Watch the video for the trip back to a sweet time.


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