Find 100 ways to explore Ann Arbor with a little help

“100 Things to do in Ann Arbor Before You Die” supplies a variety of cool things to enjoy the town

Author Patricia Majhan talks about how her new book, "100 Things to do in Ann Arbor Before You Die" could give you a new way to explore the town.

Having a good time in and around Detroit is great, but there are other cities close by that are worth the drive to visit. One popular destination is Ann Arbor, a place that has so much to see and do that a book was written about it. Author Patricia Majher joined Jason Carr to talk about her new book, “100 Things to do in Ann Arbor Before You Die”, which lists some of fun and interesting things to check out in the town.

Majher said she got the idea after seeing a similar book on Mackinaw Island She said she felt she knew everything that was to do there, but she discovered a handful of things that she never knew were available to do on the island. She then decided to write about her hometown of Ann Arbor and highlight places and activities that may be known or unknown to a visitor.

Watch the video above to hear four places that are in the book that are worth checking off your list.

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