Wondering what to do about high-traffic areas in your home? This just might help

Ever thought about new flooring?

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The warm weather is here, which means more fun outdoors -- and bringing more dirt and grime indoors.

This means you need floors that can withstand whatever comes your way, said Tiffany Moore from 50 Floor.

“Live in the D” host Tati Amare chatted with Moore about how easy it is to get new floors.

New flooring can be a hassle, in some cases. You have to head out to the big-box store and try to guess what would look great in your home under lighting that’s probably way different than it is inside your house.

The process could be a bit easier if you could had samples to look at in your home, under your own lighting, making the decision a bit easier, Moore said.

She added, 50 Floor can help. A specialist will come to your home with hundreds of samples of different flooring; that way, you can see and touch the material right under your roof.

Additionally, 50 Floor takes the hassle off you by moving the furniture out to clear away the older floor and putting the furniture back after the new material has been installed.

Moore also suggested vinyl or laminate for places where you have high-traffic areas in your home.

Other than that, you can also opt for hardwood or carpet flooring.

For more information, call 877-50-FLOOR -- or click or tap here.

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