Grab some popcorn for these 4 new films

Action, comedy, and rabbits hit screens this weekend

Reel Talk, Hitman's wife's bodyguard, In the eights, Peter Rabbit 2 on Live in the D

You can pick from 4 new movies in theaters with big name stars. Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Jason Carr to talk about all about them.

Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard

This is the second film in the series. Salma Hayek needs protection and she gets Ryan Reynolds as her bodyguard. She also happens to be married to Samuel Jackson. Greg spoke to Salama who said she enjoyed working with both Reynolds and Jackson because they are extraordinarily talented but also gentlemen. She also said there was a lot of improvisation throughout the movie. Greg also spoke to the Director, Patrick Huges who said he enjoyed making a list of all the crazy things he got to make Reynolds suffer through.

This movie premieres Wednesday, June 16th.

In the Heights

In the Heights is a musical about young kids with aspirations. Gregg says they sing and dance about their ambitions and uplift those who need it most. This film is in theaters now and available on HBO Max.

Peter Rabbit 2: the Runaway

James Corden is back as Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit is all about getting into mischief and he finally figures out how to get away from his family and go into the real world. He also finds out mischief is okay where he is but he realizes that it’s better to be home. You can see this film in theaters now.

Queen Bees

Greg compared Queen Bees to the early 2000′s phenomenon Mean Girls. The cast stars Detroit’s own Ellen Burstyn, Ann-Margaret, and Jane Curtin. Ellen’s character lets her kitchen catch on fire so her daughter puts her in a nursing home, but her world is turning back to her high school years when she realizes there is a hierarchy in play. Greg gave this film 4 reels. You can see this film in theaters now.

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