Is it time to shop around for better car insurance?

Better car insurance may be just what you’re forgetting for your next road trip

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Between the lifting of COVID restrictions, returning to work, and summer vacations, more people are climbing behind the wheel and hitting the roads.

To help make those trips less stressful, it’s nice to know you have the right car insurance, that’s affordable and fits your budget. This allows you to have more money in your pocket to pay other bills or enjoy that vacation a little more.

Jason Carr spoke with Eric Poe, CEO of Cure Auto Insurance, about how to stay protected during your next road trip.

We all know you have to have auto insurance to drive -- but no one wants to overpay for this necessity.

Poe said Detroiters already pay high insurance costs, just for living in the city.

Because Cure Auto Insurance is already aware of this, the company doesn’t use your credit report for insurance estimates -- instead it only focuses on how you drive, Poe said.

To get the best rate, Poe encouraged Detroiters to shop around for different rates from auto insurance carriers to find the best one for you.

Poe said people who choose Cure Auto usually save about 50% from what they were previously paying. For more information, click or tap here.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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