This award-winning bakery blends flavors from around the world

They just opened up a second location

Warda Pâtisserie on Live in the D

Midtown Detroit – What do you get when you blend flavors from Algeria, Asia, and France in desserts? Likely, something unique and refreshingly different than the norm. One local woman is bringing these flavors together for our enjoyment, again as she opens her second location of Warda Pâtisserie in Midtown.

Host Tati Amare spoke with Warda Bouguettaya, owner of Warda Pâtisserie, to get the story behind her tasty creations.

Born and raised in Algeria, Bouguettaya wanted to share her heritage with her loved ones when she moved to Michigan with her husband. Then in 2012, she and her family moved to Shanghai and traveled around Asia for a few years. When she moved back to Detroit, she wanted to share all the wonderful flavors she tried throughout her lifetime and incorporated them into her baked goods.

They offer both sweet and savory pastries including seasonal quiches and a Burundi coffee and chocolate tart. She loves working with local farmers and fresh produce to create her many pastries. For those with dietary restrictions, she does have a selection of gluten-free and vegan pastries as well.

Bouguettaya’s inventive treats earned her the title of “Chef of the Year” by the Detroit Free Press. This is the first time such an honor was bestowed on someone who was a Pastry Chef, as opposed to an Executive Chef at a restaurant.

For more information, watch the full interview above. Warda Pâtisserie has two locations 1464 Gratiot Ave in the Eastern Market area and 70 W Alexandrine St. in Midtown Detroit.

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