Fab fashion for the fourth

Add more colors to your shades of patriotism

Red, White, and Blue Fashion with Jon Jordan on Live in the D

This weekend is the perfect time to rock some red, white, and blue. If you don’t want to go all out for a bold patriotic look, there are ways you can show your American pride in a more subtle way with what you wear.

Jon Jordan, the Local 4 Style Editor, headed to the Eastern Market to Shops On Top to show off some prideful ideas for the upcoming holiday.

Jordan explained how America’s patriotic colors can feel very limiting. He featured 3 models who wore shades of red, white, and blue and were able to pair them with colors that surprisingly blend well. One model paired her patriotic look with a magenta and gold beaded necklace as well as a brown snakeskin clutch with pink trim.

Jordan encourages viewers to incorporate various shades into your patriotic look.

Watch the video to learn more.

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