Can this summertime staple remove permanent marker stains?

Try It Out Tuesday cleans up with sunscreen

Live in the D- Try It Out Tuesday: Can Sunscreen Remove Stains?

This has probably happened more than once... You or your kids are using permanent marker to color or create a poster and it ends up all over the place. Your hands, your couch, or table, and while you think it’s going to have to stay there for a while because, well it’s permanent, you can get rid of the stain with something unexpected. Kila Peeples tried to make permanent marker stains a temporary headache by using sunscreen. She tried it on skin, leather, and a plastic desk covering. While it did wonders on two of the test items, the outcome on one of them wasn’t best.

Watch the video above to see how you can use sunscreen to get rid of permanent marker stains.

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