Is getting comprehensive medical care from one provider right for you?

Providing coordinated care for seniors at one location can offer convenience and better health, this group says

Dedicated Senior medical Centers on Live in the D

Finding the right care for yourself or an aging loved one can be a challenge. There can be a variety of needs, and searching for the right care can be daunting.

Dr. Jennifer Casey, with Dedicated Senior Medical Centers, suggests patients and their loved ones consider coordinating their care through one health center.

This can provide a better managed health program, because doctors can work together to address each patient’s needs. It can also be more convenient, because patients can receive their primary care at one location.

Casey said Dedicated Senior Medical Centers have no more than 400 seniors, so doctors can devote their time and care to those who need it most.

She said the caregivers at the medical centers are dedicated to giving everyone kind, VIP treatment.

Dedicated Senior Medical Centers just opened their first location in Detroit, and plan to open a total of six locations in the Metro Detroit area by the end of 2021.

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