Are you brushing your hair all wrong? Here’s a brush up on what brush you should use

There is one brush everyone should have

Jon Jordan Presents Different Brushes
Jon Jordan Presents Different Brushes

When it comes to looking your best, a lot of times it begins with your hair, but combing it all out and dealing with hair can be a pain. So, let’s brush up on our brushes and learn what’s best for each hair type. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan breaks it all down.

One essential brush Jon says everyone should have, no matter their hair texture, is a wide-tooth detangler comb. You can use this in the shower to help work the conditioner through your hair, though be gentle as your hair is most fragile when wet. This is a great way to start your hairstyling process.

If you plan to blow dry your hair, make sure you have a metal round brush to use in tandem with the blow dryer. Then there are a series of brushes you can use to help style your hair, so everyone needs a selection of brushes in their bathroom drawer.

Another option is to brush your hair thoroughly at night using a boar’s head brush. This will help distribute your natural oils along the hair shaft reducing greasiness at the roots, and keeping your hair cleaner and in better condition.

When it comes to actually brushing your hair, Jon’s number one tip is to take your time. If you try and rush through you risk doing it too rough and damaging your hair.

In recent years, brush technology has grown. For example, Jon shared a detangler comb that was infused with coconut oil, so it nourishes your hair as it detangles. There are also styling brushes that have metal bristles that allow you to blow dry your hair with it, which cuts down on the number of brushes you need to use.

If it’s humid outside, however, you want to avoid metal or ceramic in your brush, as they are more likely to damage your hair and make it more frizzy. Instead, he recommends you use a boars-hair-style brush.

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