A big summer blockbuster is hitting movie screens this weekend!

Reel Talk covers “Black Widow”, “The Tomorrow War”, and “Cat People”

Reel Talk - Black Widow, The Tomorrow War and Cat People

This weekend at movie theaters could be a big one, Marvel is finally releasing a film that fans have been waiting for since last summer. Movie reviewer Greg Russell spoke to Jason Carr about three films that are worth checking out this weekend.

Scarlett Johansson is in her own standalone Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Black Widow. Along with Johansson, the movie stars Florence Pugh and David Harbour. It follows Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, as she is reunited with her family, and how they work together to fight an evil force who wants to take over the world. Greg said this is a movie to see on the big screen, with all of the non-stop action. He gave it four out of five reels.

Next was “The Tomorrow War” starring Chris Pratt, and Detroit’s own J.K Simmons and Sam Richardson. Pratt is a scientist/former soldier who is told he needs to go 30 years into the future to save the world. Greg gave this movie four out of five reels, he said, like Black Widow, it’s action packed and fun.

Finally, there is Cat People which follows the bonds and relationships between cats and their owners. The show highlights stories of everyday people who love their feline family members and people who save them as well. Greg says you will enjoy it, especially if you are a pet/cat owner.

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