Have you experienced flood damage? Here’s how you can salvage treasured items

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With all the rain we’ve had this summer, many have experienced the stress of flooding.

When the water rises in basements, it happens fast, which means treasures and expensive items can be destroyed within minutes.

And what comes next? Does it all go in the trash? What if you need help clearing it out and cleaning it up?

Todd Sachse, owner of Zolman Restoration, said when damage occurs, it doesn’t mean everything has to be tossed out.

An important first step is to look at what type of disaster has occurred. If it’s a flooded basement and the water was actually full of sewage or other contaminants, the only things that have to be discarded are porous items.

For the items that aren’t porous, Sache suggested having them cleaned and renewed in the Zolman Restoration “ozone,” which takes the dangerous contaminants out of the items so that you can continue to use them for years to come.

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