Giving back to those in your own backyard

Eden Gives has increased their efforts to help those during the pandemic

Mitch Albom's The Heart of Detroit: Eden Gives on Live in the D

A lesson learned thousands of miles away is helping feed hundreds of people right here at home. It’s a service that helped many get through the pandemic when everything shut down and some were wondering how they were going to get their next meal.

Kimberly Buffington, the Founder of Eden, was featured on “Heart of Detroit” when she started helping Southeast Michigan communities suffering from food security issues. Buffington started “Eden Gives” because she was helping to serve others in a community far away from her own community until she realized that those in the Metro Detroit community need help too.

Since the pandemic, her nonprofit has grown in size and in its ability to provide for even more families. Buffington explained that once COVID hit, they scaled their services up to 1400 families because of so much job loss.

You can get involved in the Eden Gives’ efforts by donating or volunteering at food distribution events.

Watch the video to learn more.

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