Celebrate multi-cultural cuisine during Black Restaurant Week

Almost a dozen restaurants will be participating in this event that is also happening across the Midwest

Jason Carr speaks to the organizer and a participating restaurant about the multi-state event celebrating black restaurants

Detroit’s sizzling hot restaurant scene may have cooled off due to the pandemic, but it is ready to get fired up again. Black Restaurant Week is underway, and you can enjoy great cuisines from multiple cultures and fusion creations. Jason Carr spoke to the event’s National Food and Beverage Manger, Alycia Hightower, along with co-founders of one of the restaurants participating, Chi Walker and Nik Renee Cole from Fried Chicken and Caviar.

Hightower said this is an event that is taking place around the country, and it’s now the Midwest’s turn. She said people can expect to enjoy dishes from all over the world, from restaurants like Yum Village and, of course, Fried Chicken and Caviar.

Watch the video above to learn more about Black Restaurant Week!