Want your child to get ahead in their educational career? Here’s how they can, from the comfort of home

Prepnet Virtual Academy on Live in the D

Education has taken on a whole new meaning, due to the adjustments made during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of those changes is that students can receive a great education in the comfort of their homes.

For students in high school, who are looking ahead to college, getting a heard start on credits can be nearly invaluable. Being able to do that virtually is also worth so much.

Aquan Grant, the director of School Quality for PrepNet Virtual Academy, said she believes families like the flexibility and support that virtual education has provided, which is what led National Heritage Academies to open a completely virtual school.

PrepNet Virtual Academy, which is based in Michigan, is free of cost to students of all grades, and it offers an early college program, where students can get a high school diploma, an associates degree or a work certificate.

Grant said the academy works with Davenport University and Wayne County Community College District to help students explore more than 60 different pathways toward their success in college.

Students start the early college program as early as 9th grade, and families are given complete access to their child’s progress.

For students of all ages, it’s a unique way of “attending” school.

To learn more about virtual education options, PrepNet Virtual Academy and National Heritage Academies, click or tap here.