If you’re looking for amazing art, just look down in Downtown Berkley

The Berkley Street Art Fest returns

Berkley Street Art Fest on Live in the D

You may want to watch where you step in one metro Detroit city this weekend because you could smudge a work of art. The Berkley Street Art Fest returns to Downtown Berkley on Saturday.

Darlene Rothman, the Executive Director of the Berkley Chamber of Commerce, and David Zinn, one of the amazing street fest artists, chatted about what you can expect to see at the event.

There’s a variety of different street art you will see at the festival. One type is chalk art and Zinn knows how to bring his chalk art to life. He even explained that the secret to making 3D art is all about where the artist places it.

Rothman explained that there is lots to see and do at the festival including the “Shop for Good Village” fundraiser. This will allow visitors to find and buy socially good clothing and art for a good cause.

Watch the video to learn more.

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