This might help avoid spills, broken cellphones and more

Try It Out Tuesday checks to see if sticky gel pads can help secure things in place

Try It Out Tuesday - Anti Slip Gel Pads

You may have had this happen before: Your child knocks over a glass on the table, or you’re listening to your favorite song or podcast while you’re getting ready in the bathroom, and you get water or make-up on your phone or portable speaker. You might wonder, how can I stop this from happening? There could be an answer for this! For Try It Out Tuesday, Kila Peeples tests sticky gel pads which are supposed to help keep items like your phone, drinking glasses, and other things in place. Kila tried these pads on a glass filled with water on a wobbly table, on her bathroom wall with her phone, and in the car. Did the pads hold up to their sticky promise?

Watch the video above to see what happened.

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